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What Our Demolition Customers Have to Say

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Since 1995, we’ve been working to change the perception of demolition. It’s an art, and it should be carried out in a professional way with safety always at the forefront.

Our customers recognize the strides we’ve made in creating a commercial demolition service that’s insured, bonded, OSHA compliant, and professional in work and communication. See what they have to say here.

Testimonials Written by General Contractors and Our Customers

We really like working with Neal Enterprises for our mechanical demolition needs. In our experience, communication has always very good, which is paramount for a successful project.

The tasks that are required of them are typically difficult in nature. They do this while being professional, trustworthy, and thorough as well as being conscientious about protecting their surroundings.

We know that when we have Neal Enterprises on a job, it will be done right.

Brad Redding, Vice President, Frey Lutz
Brad Redding, Vice President

I have had nothing but good experiences working on jobs with Neal Enterprises. You guys are always competitively priced, have a schedule-driven focus, and are responsive to any challenges we face.

Looking at the GSK Skid 2 demo project, you were able to complete a large demo scope of work project on schedule while at the same time keeping safety as a top priority. That helped us (the General Contractor) meet a demanding schedule and satisfy the needs of the owner.

Grant Wilcox, Project Manager, Benchmark Construction
Grant Wilcox, Project Manager

Dear Team at BP Neal,

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the work you do with us.

Your estimators are flexible at making appointments to look at work, your prices are prompt and fair, and when your men get on site and work is underway, I appreciate the professional atmosphere and respectful attitudes of the team. I’ve counted on you for years now for my projects and look forward to continuing the teamwork!


Thomas F. Clark, Sr. Project Manager, High Associates Ltd.
Thomas F. Clark, Sr. Project Manager

I want to thank you and your employees for the terrific job you did on this project. This was a complicated and difficult job to complete due to the age of the buildings and the history that needed to be preserved. The expertise and knowledge of your industry was impeccable, and I could not have asked for a better teammate.

Though the time constraints to complete each phase were extremely tight, I knew that B&P Neal would and did perform as expected. Coordination between our foremen was the key ingredient to this success and no doubt impressed upon me the confidence and pleasure I have working with you.

I appreciate the insight you gave during the project which not only helped us but the owner in establishing the best result. Also, your persistence in maintaining a safe work environment and positive work ethic is just another reason why I enjoy working with you.

Our industry has certainly been driven by relationships and trust. This is what separates the good contractors from the bad. I’m certainly glad I’ve had the pleasure to work with a great contractor, one I not only trust but admire. I look forward to working with you in the future and completing one successful project after another. Thanks again for everything you’ve done.

Rich Yingling, Vice President, First Capital Insulation, Inc., York, PA
Rich Yingling, Vice President

On behalf of the Franklin County Board of Commissioners, I commend B&P Neal Enterprises on the demolition project recently completed at the County’s Franklin Farm Lane Complex.

Our Construction Manager reported the services, which were provided by your crew on-site, were done in a quick, efficient but safe manner. Lynn Brookens, the maintenance Director reported, “the on-site crew was excellent to work with”.

It certainly makes a project more successful when working with a professional contractor such as B&P Neal Enterprises, Inc.

Kelly Livermore, Assistant County Administrator, Franklin County Commissioners' Office
Kelly Livermore, Assistant County Administrator
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